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How To's - Deploy Check Point Management High Availability on Gaia R81

Hi there, in this post we’re going to deploy Check Point Security Management High Availability on Gaia R81.

This lab assumes you already have Check Point solution deployed. The current CMA is running Check Point latest release Gaia R81 on VMWare Workstation. The secondary/standby CMA will be deployed with the same version.

Let’s begin by installing the new CMA. As I already covered, how to deploy Check Point R81 on a previous post, I won’t be covering it again. You can find the article in the link below: 

During the first time wizard, in Products page, select Security Management only and in Clustering section, choose Define Security Management as Secondary. Proceed with the installation process.

Once the installation process finishes, let’s log into smartconsole and add the new CMA as standby.

In side panel, we’ll select New > More > Network Object > Gateways and Servers > Check Point Host…


We’ll add the name, the IP address and in Management tab select Network Policy Management and Logging & Status. Next we establish the communication with CMA-STANDBY.


Once we press ok and publish the changes, the primary CMA will start the synchronization with the secondary.


Once the synchronization ends successfully, we’ll add a license to the secondary CMA.

Some errors... First I used the new pane Licenses in smartconsole but I got the error below.


Then I decided to use SmartUpdate. The License installation was successful, but for some reason (there wasn’t much to troubleshoot), after performing failover smartconsole didn’t validate the new license.


So I had to download a new license with the IP address of the CMA STANDBY. Only then the Status changed to OK.


Now we can verify the Management High Availability through the smartconsole Menu.


It shows which one is the Active and which one is the Standby.

To test whether this feature is working, let’s change the Active CMA role as standby in Actions > Set Standby.

By doing this our session will be terminated.


Now let’s close smartconsole and open a new session to the CMA Standby IP address. Accept the fingerprint and Proceed.


Now we have both CMA as standby. Let’s make the CMA-STANDBY become the Active one.


Once more our session will be terminated.


When we log in back, and check the Management High Availability Status, we can confirm that the CMA-STANDBY is the active one, and all the changes we do will be synced with previous active one.


So we have deployed Check Point Security Management with High Availability. 

I hope you enjoyed this post, leave your comments below and I'll see you on the next one.




2 Replies

Hi, just to clarify something here, you're using CMA, which is a legacy name used for a management domain in Multi-Domain (i.e. Provider-1 days).
However, this is NOT a multi-domain config, this is regular (non-Multi-Domain) Management HA. 


Hi, we already fixed the issue with the License view in SmartConsole and it will be available in the next Jumbo release.