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High Smart-1 Utilization

Hi Checkmates,

We have smart-1 600S-P [10GW] to manage 3 pair of gateways. Currently, we enable Logging and SmartEvent only without compliance blade activated.

But with only 2 pair of firewall, the mem utilization almost 70-75% and when we trying to generate some report from smartevent then the memory spikes to ~95%, is it normal?

We have a plan to migrate 1 pair firewall but currently on hold, since we are worries if there any impact to the management box after adding1 more pair firewall.

is it common behavior? anyone knows why memory is high but the cpu is normal ~40%? any tuning or recommended step when we facing this issue? 

thanks! 🙂

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Output from cpinfo -y all?

High memory on Linux is normal, you also see high swap? 

Maybe output top ? What process causes high load?

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