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HA MDS and VSX upgrade across domains

Wanted to let the community know regarding this situation.

MDS with 5 domains in a HA configuration on R80.20
Primary's solr kept dying and needed to be rebuilt, so we were managing firewalls on the secondary MDS
Went to upgrade VSX clusters where the VSX physical was on one domain and the firewalls bound to it were in another domain
Secondary MDS upgraded VSX, yet couldn't move onto the firewalls that were managed in the other domain
This left the firewalls in a place where the firewalls in one domain were R80.20 and the firewalls in the other domain were still R77.30.  

Resolution was to reboot the secondary MDS server and reperform the VSX upgrade util.  It then proceeding to upgrade the firewalls in the other domain.  

Hope this helps someone if they are in this unique scenario.  

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