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Guardicore integration - DataCenter objects?

I was wondering if there was any planned integration with Checkpoint and Guardicore in regards to ingestion of Guardicore labels/object to use with Checkpoint GWs.    I recall seeing Guardicore at CPX back in 2017 and some talks about integration with Checkpoint but can't see to find much info on either vendor's site beyond these two:

I've noticed that Fortinet recently partnered with Guardicore and provided 'data-center' object integration with Fortimanager and Guardicore Centra; allowing Fortigate FWs to use Guardicore labels & Assets as objects in their firewall policies.

I am wondering if there is anything similar with Checkpoint to ingest this info today like they do with other providers (Azure,AWS,VMware, Nutanix, etc)?

Is this something that is in the works today or has anyone done anything custom (I.e. Identity API or Generic DataCenter R81.10)?

Thanks in advance


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We offer Generic Data Center objects from R81.
If Guardicore (or any tool) can output a properly formatted JSON file, or it can be converted into the correct format, we can ingest it.


To add to Phoneboy's answer, I believe this question needs o be addressed to Guardicore. We do have APIs for that, it is a matter of potential partners to use them. 

GC Centra is certainly capable of generating the list of tagged objects. 


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