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Forward syslog and radius traffic via Mgmt port

How to forward syslog and radius traffic via the Mgmt port without adding static route pointing to the server.

Adding static routes, divert the syslog and radius traffic from behind the firewall (Data plane traffic for the firewall) to the Mgmt interface.

I tried PBR but doesn't seems to help, is there any functionality that can help to achieve complete control and data plane segregation.

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Keep in mind that the Mgmt interface is only different by name and location on the box. That said, there is no way but to use a static or indeed PBR, but for PBR you need to be aware that the IP you use to define the PBR, which can be any IP of the gateway.maybe even the loopback address? The point here is that the IP ofthe interface the traffic is sent out on is used as the source IP. So should it be the IP of the interface with the route to that server? This is one of those Chicken and Egg questions.

Regards, Maarten
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PBR is not supported with locally generated traffic.

See: Policy-Based Routing (PBR) on Gaia OS 

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