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First Time Configuration Wizard not able to access through some Browser (Solution)


 First Time Configuration Wizard not able to access through some Browser (Solution)



Below procedure is tested by me and its working perfectly.

As we see an issue when we run First Time Configuration wizard for R77.30 ad R80.10 OS  in Chrome or Mozilla Firefox and Opera browser.

Below is the Browser that I tested and its working fine.

  1. Internet Explorer
  2. Microsoft EDGE (Only support in Windows 10)
  3. Netscape Navigator

Sometimes also I see on my test environment that by using  Internet Explorer I able to see the First Time Configuration Wizard but "NEXT" button is not working when I click.

So go through the below procedure to resolve the issue then you can run the First Time Configuration Wizard.

More details Refer SK: SK121373



This issue is resolved if you using on below HotFix

General Availability Take (R80.10)

Jumbo HotFix Accumulator for R80.10  from Take _112

 And  Also For R77.30:-  Ongoing take Take_329



STEP  01: Need to Backup the file.

[Expert]# cp /web/htdocs2/login/login.js /web/htdocs2/login/login.js.backup

STEP 02: Then need to RUN the below command 

[Expert]# grep -q "form.el.dom.action" /web/htdocs2/login/login.js; if [ $? -eq 0 ]; then echo File is already modified, exiting.; else echo File backed up and modified. ; sed -i.bak '/form.isValid/s/$/\nform.el.dom.action=formAction;\n/' /web/htdocs2/login/login.js ; fi

STEP 03 : Now we can run the First Time Wizard on Chrome or Mozila Browser.


Please also suggest if any alternate way to archive this.


#Chinmaya Naik

Network Security Engineer, QOS Technology, INDIA

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This was discussed in  among other threads.

This also lists a workaround in case you can't apply the current JHF since this applies to earlier, unsupported versions.

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