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Failed Policy Install Logging

Morning All, thanks in advance for any insight!


We are looking at exporting audit logs to our SIEM, and got the connection working and everything.  We scheduled our policy installs to happen automatically, and we would like alerting to happen based on failed policy installs.  That being said, we cannot find anything in any logs that indicate a failed policy install!  Just wondering if anyone had any insight into if this gets logged, and if so - where are they?


Thanks again!

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I know when the gateway begins enforcing a new policy, that action will generate a log that should get exported to the SIEM.
I don't believe failed policy installs generate log entries at all.
Details about this only appear in SmartConsole as far as I know.
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If you have SmartEvent server you can create an event for any traffic/audit logs.

There's a pre-defined event for successful policy installations, it checks for audit logs for successful policy installation but it could easily be changed to an event that generates for failed attempts to install policy.

To any event you can attach an automatic reaction such as email.Capture.PNG

Kind regards, Amir Senn
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You should receive an Audit Log for the failure.

Go to - SmartConsole > Logs & Monitor > New tab > Audit Logs View

Audit Log - Install Policy Failure.jpg

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