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Export of rules with zero hits in dashboard

 Hi everyone,


I saw some posts about this before, but there was never a confirmation if this was ever available. I am trying to export rules in excel format for a customer that requested list of rules with zero hits, but does not seem its possible. I exported all the rules and can filter for example for any disabled rules, but I dont see column anywhere in excel file for hits, though hits column is enabled in dashboard.


Any idea if this is possible in R81 at all? It is cloud mgmt, but I dont think that makes any difference. 

Also, another thing I noticed, though this could be pure cosmetic is that all 100 some NAT rules show zero hits, which also makes no sense, since we know bunch of them are getting hit for sure.


Thanks in advance!

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Agree 100%. It would be awesome feature to have, for sure. I also made another post about https inspection policy rules hits and hopefully that will also be integrated at some point in future releases, lets see.


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