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Enabling Traffic Connections for the Smartview Monitor blade

Will enabling the Traffic Connections for the Smartview Monitor blade have an affect on CPU and memory resources?  If so, what is the impact?

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I think it doesn't affect on performance. Maybe very little impact for management server resource. 

It is only shows resource usage.

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Had someone ask me the exact same question in a private email after reading my book, here is their original question and my answer:

>Regarding using the Monitoring Blade for "streamlined firewall performance troubleshooting". Do you recommend to enable all 3 check boxes (CP system counters, traffic connections and traffic throughput)? A note in the configuration page says "traffic history reports may have performance implications". Are there any recommendations to avoid those?

Yep definitely enable all these. What this actually does is load a
separate kernel driver on the firewall called rtm to gather and record
the extra statistics. Perhaps in the old days prior to CoreXL and the
speedy cores/memory we enjoy now, the performance impact would be
noticeable. I haven't noticed any kind of performance/acceleration
degradation by enabling all these checkboxes for many many years, and I

think this ominous-sounding warning is just legacy now.

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