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Email notification when backup fails

Notifications are set up correctly. SMTP server is reachable.

Would an FTP error upon backup trigger a notification?

How do I even test notifications? Which interface are they sent from?

I somehow have a feeling that even though it's the year 2024 this is not easily possible...

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Nice idea ! 🙂

I would extend your idea with some additional features to set up desired notification (snmp-trap, send mail, log, ...) for:

1. at least one NTP server is unreachable

2. at least one RADIUS/TACACS server in unreachable

3. at least one syslog server is unreachable

4. at least one proxy server is unreachable

5. at least one DNS server is unreachable

6. at least one mail-relay server is unreachable

Kind regards,
Jozko Mrkvicka

Backup results are send towards the /var/log/messages

With SYSLOG you can send the messages to central system and monitor that.

Could be indeed more easy but that is the only way I know atm. 

(2-A) Syslog

It is recommended that Security Gateway send syslog messages to a remote syslog server and you regularly monitored for warning messages such as a failed backup transfer, unusual messages such as unexpected reboot or multiple login failures and any error or warning messages. This gives the administrators the ability to be proactive and circumvent a more serious issue.

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