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Domain Management Server (CMA) IP change

Hello guys,

I need to change IP address of Domain (CMA) in MDS running in HA. MDS is running R81.10 with latest jumbo. IP will be changed to totally different subnet (different interface), not part of current subnet (interface). MDS has VSX objects. Leading interface will stay like it is - no change.

Searching R81.10 MDS guides and some sk articles I am somehow lost what is the correct process to change the IP of Domain.

The steps are not exactly explained what has to be done on which Domain / MDS (if Domain is active/standby, MDS primary/secondary).

Here is link within R81.10 Installation and Upgrade guide where is mentioned how to change the IP of Domain.

In sk74020 are also some steps, but it is not matching with the guide.

Did someone change the IP of Domain Management in MDS HA setup within R81 or R81.10 versions ?

Can someone bring some more light to this topic ?

Thank you.

Kind regards,
Jozko Mrkvicka
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I remember doing this back in R77.30, but never done it after that, sorry. I assume steps are probably a bit different, so I will let someone else confirm for you.


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