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Determinate Global Policy Assignment within R77.30

Hello guys,

I have R77.30 MDS with around 5 CMAs and 2 Global Policies. One CMA is without any Global Policy.

I would like to know if there is some way how to find out if specific CMA has any Global Policy assigned, and in case yes, the name of this Global Policy. Eventually, the best would be to print all global objects for specific CMA.

I already did some research and I was able to find command:

mdsquerydb GlobalNetworkObjects

which will print me ONLY network objects (no services for example).

Another option would be to use cpmiquerybin command and print the names of global objects, based on the provided table name:

cpmiquerybin attr "" <table_name> "" -a __name__

But still, it doesn't tell me if global objects are assigned to specific CMA or not. 

On CMA where I don't have assigned Global Policy, exactly the same name of objects are created like for the global ones, so compare just the name isn't the option in this case.

So the logic would be:

1. Search all CMAs configured (or explicitly defined CMA name)
2. Check if CMA has assigned Global Policy
3.  (optional)If yes, check the name of Global Policy
4. Print all Global Objects for this CMA

Or is there any other way how to do it via CLI? There is no way to check if an object within specific CMA has been created locally, or is a global object? 

Thank you for any hint.

Kind regards,
Jozko Mrkvicka
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Okay, so here is how it looks like when the object is global:

[Expert@MDS:0]# mdsenv TESTING_CMA
[Expert@MDS:0]# cpmiquerybin object "" network_objects "name='GLOBAL_NETWORK_TEST'" (GLOBAL_NETWORK_TEST :AdminInfo ( :chkpf_uid ("{86699219-7A0F-47DB-9D76-1CCE57F58932}") :ClassName (network) :LastModified ( :Time ("Tue Mar 26 08:39:06 2019") :last_modified_utc (1553590215) :By (localhost) :From (MDS) ) :global_level (1) :table (network_objects) :icon ("NetworkObjects/Network/Network_G") :name (GLOBAL_NETWORK_TEST) ) :NAT () :add_adtr_rule (false) :addr_type_indication (IPv4) :broadcast (allow) :color (sienna) :comments ("Testing Global Object") :edges () :ipaddr ( :ipaddr6 () :location (internal) :location_desc () :macAddress () :netmask ( :netmask6 () :type (network) :use_as_wildcard_netmask (false) )

And for example, the locally created network:

[Expert@MDS:0]# mdsenv TESTING_CMA
[Expert@MDS:0]# cpmiquerybin object "" network_objects "name='INTERNAL_NETWORK'" (INTERNAL_NETWORK :AdminInfo ( :chkpf_uid ("{D71E7832-74EA-4A69-830D-967A110EA922}") :ClassName (network) :table (network_objects) :Wiznum (-1) :LastModified ( :Time ("Tue Mar 26 08:55:26 2019") :last_modified_utc (1553590526) :By (admin) :From (Tomik) ) :icon ("NetworkObjects/Network/Network") ) :add_adtr_rule (false) :addr_type_indication (IPv4) :edges () :location (internal) :location_desc () :macAddress () :NAT () :broadcast (allow) :color ("deep pink") :comments ("This is locally created network") :ipaddr ( :ipaddr6 () :netmask ( :netmask6 () :type (network) :use_as_wildcard_netmask (false) )

Unfortunately, it is not possible to add "global_level" attribute within cpmiquerybin tool.

[Expert@MDS:0]# mdsenv TESTING_CMA
[Expert@MDS:0]# cpmiquerybin attr "" network_objects "name='GLOBAL_NETWORK_TEST'" -a __name__,global_level
[Expert@MDS:0]# cpmiquerybin attr "" network_objects "name='INTERNAL_NETWORK'" -a __name__,global_level


Kind regards,
Jozko Mrkvicka
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