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Deploy MDS with 500 Domains (VSX based)


I'm having troubles with the design of a Large Scale Solution for MDS. I have around 500 domains on a scenario based on VSX.

The solution seems to be the use of at least 3 MDS Servers, one primary and the other two secondary. But, because of the VSX I will have the VSX Cluster on one domain in the primary MDS and all other VS on diferent secondary MDS Servers. It is a problem? For instance, If I use "VSX_UTIL RECONFIGURE" on the primary MDS the VSX Gateway will receive the configuration from all VSs even if that VS belongs to a secondary VS?

Thanks in advance,

Ivo Marques

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I believe the maximum number of domains supported per Multi-Domain Server is 250.

If you are doing an HA/Load Sharing configuration, the group of MDS total can managed 250 domains.

VSX itself only supports up to 250 VS per cluster also.

The only way you're getting to 500 of either is multiple VSX clusters and multiple MDS clusters.

In any case, the individual VSes of a VSX gateway/cluster can be managed by the same group of Multi-Domain Servers, with different VSes being managed by different domains.

I don't believe the same VSX gateway/cluster can be managed by different groups of MDS servers.

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Thanks, Dameon,


The max number of domain per MDS Server is 250 that's for sure and it's also true that you can't manage VSs where the VSX cluster is on a different primary MDS.


I have one MDS with several gateways, some gateways with MOB, other gateways with NGTP, etc. Now, I'm on the limit of the MDS Server and need to create another one. Ok, I will do it, but I need to create more VSs on the other gateways. So, I believe I can create a secondary MDS and continue to create new VSs on the old VSX Gateway. I'm looking for someone with this kind of experience with large MDS deploy.



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