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DAIP gateways with "Not available" or "Lost" status on SMS

Hello folks!

In a scenario with a SMS who manages external DAIP gateways, it's very common to not have their status being correctly showed into SmartConsole "Gateways&Servers" tab.

Some gateways we receive "Lost" status, others just a "Not available". On this scenario, we have a SMS on R81.20, take 10. The external managed gateways are SMB's, 1500 family... some in R80.20, last build available, others already into R81.10, last build available until the day of this post.

We have vpn lan2lan with these remote gateways, and surely we can monitor with other monitoring system, like zabbix, whatever. But into my SmartConsole, don't you think we should have a smarter way to check it?

I'm able to prepare policy normally (since the gateway is DAIP, it will fetch policy according to automatic checks every 240 minutes, by default, and I'm very aware that we can change this value, but 240 minutes is ok, no problem with that... if I'm in a rush,I connect into specific SMB and push policy manually), manage the remote gateways via Reach My Device, there is no problem with SIC communication (including logs are sent normally to my SMS).

My questions are: is that a normal statement for you guys? Do you have a tricky way, a sk to fix this, or a "secret" procedure to solve this status? Or you all just think "nehh it's a cosmetical issue, i really don't care with this status".

I think we should have a better way to monitor it on SmartConsole, things like the external gateway send some "keep alive" or something like a Real Status, independend of being a DAIP one. I mean, comeon, we are on 2023, there is a lot of development envolved on it, and Check Point is very big to not care about how their systems are monitored.



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I had such issues, too, but in Lab - other devices were filtering the traffic between SMBs and SMS, so Dashboard & Policy install had errors as in your case. Changing the GWs network resolved it.

I would involve TAC as i do not think the reason for your issue is the same !

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