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Convert R77.30 Policies to Simplified mode before upgrading to R80.x

I would like to suggest all R77.30 users to convert from traditional vpn mode to simplified vpn mode for all policies.  The conversion tool focused on the VPN policies but you need to make sure all your polices are simplified mode as currently in R80 you can't convert from traditional to simplified.

This be came a big issue for the Multi-Domain Management environment when you use global policies.  If the global is a simplified based configuration it can't be assigned to a traditional policy.

Also layering can only be done on simplified policies.


Having said this: Conversion is easy in R77.30 but we are still waiting for the tool in R80.  R&D is aware of the need and are working on it, but they don't have anything yet.  There are API commands to work policies but the process to rebuild multiple policies over multiple domains is a lot of work.


My 2 cents....

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Simplified Mode was introduced many, many versions ago (R5x if memory serves).
I definitely concur if you're still on R7x and running Traditional Mode VPNs, convert before migrating to R80.x.
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