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Cloud Servers Approval / Blocking

Not sure that the title is correct, but I am just wondering what others are doing about services such as Amazon web services.I used to be able to block or allow access to ports or sites by IP addresses/ranges.  Now with so many people putting the servers in AWS I unfortunately can't block all AWS.  BUT I don't want to open up a port or IP to ALL of AWS or other cloud servers.  just wondering what others are doing when blocking or approving by specific IP isn't an option.  

If I need to give some more info, let me know.

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As pointed out in other post, you can use domain objects if you have FQDN without wildcard or upgrade to R80.20 and you may use predefined updatable objects 

Updatable Objects in R80.20 

If I like scripting, dynamic objects are option too

Configuring Dynamic Objects 



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