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Checkpoint Management R80.30 Health Alerts


I Manage 30 gateways with checkpoint management R80.30,

when I check the Health page i see if the gateway is OK (V green)

or (X RED) when it has problem - such as - connection lost, cant update and such..


How can I configure to get message\alert in email when the gateway lost connection or has update problem ..

or any other problem..?

I know i can use third part system to monitor the gateway such as PRTG,

but is there any feature built-in checkpoint management?



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There are options for mail/snmp/custom-script alerts: In SmartConsole open "global properties"  and navigate to "log and alert" and then to "alerts". You can, for example, configure a mail alert like this:

To configure what alerttype is run when open SmartView Monitor (Logs & Monitor -> External Apps -> Tunnel & User Monitoring). Then right click on a gateway and select "Configure Thresholds". 

Check Point also offers an excellent Health Check Script here:



the mail alerts working..

but how can i configure to get mail when connection to gateway is lost?

i did reboot for gateway but no alert was sent.

how can i configure the alerts to work at best practice ?

what do you recommend?


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