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Check Point migration 77.30->80.10

Hello Check Point community

In our branch office we have CP 77.30 version based on VMware (standalone solution) and we are plan to migrate them to 80.10. The question is: Can I install parallel new servers in VMware and install there ISO 80.10 then migrate licenses there? or upgrade is necessary from the same server where installed 77.30?

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You can use a fresh R80.10 install on new VMs. The R80.10 migration tools need to be moved and executed on the source primary device which gives you the management database. Then run a >save config which will store your routes. Move the files to the target primary server and migrate import and >load config, licenses will be imported. While you need to move the config file to the secondary firewall there's no need to backup the database, just re establish SIC.


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