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Check Point & QoS (DSCP Marking)


We have a Cisco network that has end-to-end QoS deployed using Cisco best practices. For example, we have access-layer switches that classify and mark packets from end-user PCs. Upstream switches / routers can then act on those markings and queue packets accordingly.

We also use Checkpoint firewalls between our HQ and remote offices and at the moment they do not have QoS enabled. So in effect we have end-to-end QoS from the Cisco point of view; but the firewall is a gap at present.

My question is does anyone know what's happening to our packets as things stand? For example I'm sending a mixture of services marked as EF, AF11, AF12, AF21, AF22 etc. Do the Checkpoints remark the Qos markings at all? I'm hoping that they don't alter to markings at all because I have a router the other side of the Checkpoint which needs to see those markings!



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