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Check Point R81.20 "Titan" first release to allow for installation on UEFI and VMware Paravirtual

I did some testing using R81.20 ISO on VMware ESXi. R81.20 ISO does support installation on UEFI, and it does support the use of the VMware Paravirtual controller. I can't locate anything in the documentation mentioning this. The SK for recommendations regarding VMware ESXi installation is rather old (sk104848) and doesn't mention any of this.

Do we have any official feedback from Check Point on this one? Supporting UEFI is a significant improvement for both virtual and especially open server installations. VMware Paravirtual should make noticeable improvements to IOPS with less overhead on VMware installations. I can't see any reason not to opt for VMware Paravirtual unless some unknown issues should be mentioned by Check Point on this topic.

To make sure, I retested using R80.20, R80.30, R80.40, R81 and R81.10 ISO, and they don't allow for UEFI boot or installation, and they don't recognise hard drives using VMware Paravirtual, so this seems to be new with the R81.20 release.


But the fact that it works doesn't mean it's something Check Point considers "supported" or even "allowed". Some information from Check Point on this topic would be really helpful to get a better understanding of the changes provided with R81.20.

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R81.20 has a slightly newer kernel which helps.

Were still in the process of updating things like the HCL and SKs like you've mentioned with the relevant parts / info. Stay tuned - subscribe for updates!


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One of the other things R81.20 fixed was how partitions are aligned on the disk.
This will definitely help performance on virtual machines as well.

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