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Check Point MDS Failover/HA

Hi all,


We're deploying our first Check Point environment and have 2 x Smart-1 5050 in Multi-domain mode that we'd like to set up. I was hoping someone would be able to help me with some questions:


1. The MDS are online and I need to set up HA. I'm assuming I do this by connecting to the x.x.x.x\MDS instance via Smart Console and setting the secondary domain server up here. Do I also need to add the secondary server as an object and sync when I'm inside of a domain? So for example if I then left the MDS instance and connected to x.x.x.x\Domain1 via Smart Console - do I need to set up HA in here?


2. I have imported the licenses in to Smart-1 and they now have an expiration date of never but when adding a new device in to their domain i'm not able to enable any blades, they are all greyed out. Are you able to advise why?



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Hi Adam 

You can synchronize on the MDS level or from with-in the Domain Management Server (depending on the Permission Profile the Administrator has).


For additional information please see Multi-Domain Security Management R80.30 Administration Guide and go to Working with High Availability


As for the second question, I do not think it is not related to licensing. Can you send a screenshot of the issue?

If you prefer to contact me directly, email me at




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