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Change Install on with api for automatic nat objects


I have a customer that uses a lot of Automatic object NAT.  like 1500 objects. they also selected the install on (gateway) field. We are migrating to a new cluster an need to change the install on target to the new cluster object.. If I do it via the API i need to enter all the information I cannot only do a "set host name "objectname" nat-settings.install-on "newclustername" so it only changes the install-on target.

Does anyone have a smart idea to change these fields automatically or do i need to walk through 1500 objects?

thx in advance


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I noticed this when I was looking at these settings earlier today.

The API specifically lists these parameters as required which, when they're already set, seems redundant. 

The good news is you can actually get the needed information from the API. 

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