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Central License when changing Security Gateway IP

Hi CheckMates,


I have two Security Gateways and Smart-1 in a distributed configuration.

It works with the Central License.

I will change the management interface IP of Security Gateways in the near future.

IP change does not occur in Smart-1.

Do I need to create a new license in this case?

What changes do I need to make to Smart-1 if I change the Management IP of Security Gateways?

e.g. Create a new Central License, Object IP Change and Delete?



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One of the benefits of central licensing is that you can detach and reattach licenses to gateways as you go. The license itself is bound to the IP address of the management server, thus allowing much more flexibility. You can pick up more details via sk62685.

But to quote from the just mentioned article:

The benefits are:

  1. Central management of all licenses via SmartUpdate.
  2. The new license remains valid when changing the IP address of the Module.
  3. There is no need to re-create and re-install a new license when moving IP.
  4. Only one IP address is needed for all licenses.
  5. A license can be taken from one Module and given to another.