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CP R80.10 all latest fixes. SConsole 991140105 Add filters to Log Query is odd.

In the past adding a query on a network object such as 'source' was simply right click, Add Filter, put in the name of the network object I was interested in, then it would pop up in the listing (with associated host icon) and I would click the + next to it. Now when I try to do it, it is as if it is disconnected from the Network Object database. By default it returns none of my network objects but a bunch of random IP's. If I put in a known network object it gives an icon that looks like it would mean 'create a new object'. If I click the + sign next to it, it will actually add the correct object. Please advise, it just seems odd. Previous behavior is much preferred if this is a "new" way.

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Sounds like a bug.

Have you opened a TAC case?


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