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Bulk Deleting Disabled Rules

Hello CheckMates,

I'm currently in the process of performing a rulebase clean up on an R77.30 rulebase, the rulebase hasn't been cleaned up in ~3-4 years as such there is over 3000 unused rules that I have disabled manually.

It's now time to get them all removed, is there a faster way to accomplish this then simply CTRL-Clicking every rule and deleting? I've searched around but can't seem to find anything.

Filtering by "disabled" and using Select All doesn't work as it selects even the hidden rules.

I have considered writing a script to perform this function via the R80.10 API once we upgrade (in process of refresh now) but would personally like to have it completed before moving the policy over.


Varul Leir

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Theoretically you could script this with dbedit in R77.30.

You might need to poke around a bit to find the correct commands, but this has the most complete dbedit documentaiton for editing the rulebase: Multi-Domain Security Management R77 Versions Administration Guide



Thanks for your reply.

I'll give the dbedit script idea a once over. 

If that's the path I have to go down might be easier do just wait and modify an existing python script I've built for the R80 API and that can be used long term compared to a dbedit script.


Varul Leir


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