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Azure IP address ranges and Application services vs. Checkpoint object names

Dear CheckMate,

Can you tell how I can resolve Azure IP address ranges and Application services to Checkpoint object names in R80.30?


In a Network rule I want to use dynamic Azure IP address ranges like "Storage - West Europe Services" or "Guest And Hybrid Management - Global Services". However the link provided in the dynamic objects is a general link to all Azure address ranges. The download address range file from Azure contain different names compared to Check Point objects (e.g. "AzureAutomation").

How can I resolve which IP address ranges are used for each Check Point policy object name?


For a corresponding Application rule I want to use Azure Services like "Windows Azure Storage Service" or "Windows Azure Cloud Services". I would expect the Service names would some-what match the IP range names but there are only 5 Azure service objects.

How do I match Microsoft Azure Service names to Checkpoint object equivalent?


Br. Mille

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Great thanks! I'll check out the dynamic_objects command.

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