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Audit report with "client ip"

I am trying to write a report to capture failed login attempts.   

For the report, I am filtering by "Type equals Audit" and in my failed login table, I am filtering by "Operation equals 'Log In'" and "Audit status contains 'Failure'".

With the table, I have been able to get the date/time, admin user name, Operation, audit status and general info.

I can not seem to find where I can find within the report to add the "Client IP" field that I see in the normal Audit logs


Audit LogAudit LogCurrent Table Setting in reportCurrent Table Setting in reportAttempt to add "Client IP"Attempt to add "Client IP"


Any suggestions?  🙂

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Hey Scott,

You are right, I see this field can't be added in SmartView. I've opened a request to fix this and I hope this will be fixed soon and delivered to jumbo hotfix.

Sorry for the inconvenient. 

Kind regards, Amir Senn