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Access policy rule's Install-On column options


While in SmartConsole, tried to create an object, for example a network group, with name "Gateways" and when pressed on OK button I got a message saying that an object with that name already exists.

Searched in DB, and indeed there is a predefined read-only object named "Gateways" with class name "install_gateways".

Hmmm...., very interesting.

Can someone explain what is a purpose of that object and how can I use it?

What happens internally when such object is encountered as a Install-On target of the access rule? How the rule is processed in such case?

Thanks in advance.

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When you create a rule, you'll notice the Install-On field for the rule is Policy Targets (by default).
In older versions of Security Management, that was called...Gateways.
The underlying object may still be called that, though the API suggests otherwise.
Basically, it's a placeholder that means "install this rule on all gateways defined by the policy targets for this policy package."

You cannot use this object "Gateways" in any other context, to the best of my knowledge.


Hi Robert,

Even if you define this object, you will not be able to Publish because of a validation that is added to the Validations pane:

Validation for Gateways.png

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