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77.30 to R80.10 upgrade stuck at 70%

I'm trying to upgrade a standalone 5400 appliance to R80.10 and it gets stuck at 70%.

I have waited many hours and eventually the upgrade gives up.

I made sure the deployment agent is at build: 1294.

I assume there is a log file I can view to try and figure out why the upgrade process is stuck at 70% but I'm not sure where that is.  I looked in $FWDIR/logs but I did not find a log for the upgrade process itself.

Any ideas?

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A couple hints:

1. Make sure you get a clean bill of health from the following before attempting the upgrade: R80.x Upgrade Verification and Environment Simulation service 

2. Look at the log file $FWDIR/log/cpm_for_cpdb-YYYY-MM-DD-HH-MM-SS.ELG (referenced in Issue when migrating R77.30 to R80.10 Management Server‌)


As a more general comment, R80.10 management takes significant more RAM than R77.30 management did.

The base RAM requirement for standalone systems is now 8GB in R80.10.

If you don't have additional RAM installed, it is definitely recommended for improved performance. 

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Thanks for responding.

Problem is the upgrade verification and environment simulation service is for management servers only not standalone gateways and no log exist in the $FWDIR/log that begins with cpm.

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In my experience is better to start from a fresh start, even more if you are in R77.30. My process takes quite a downtime: what I would do is do a migrate export with the pre R80 migration tools (Make sure you save the used migration tools for later) and save the show configuration output to replicate it later.

After that perform a fresh install on the gateway with the latest ISO for R80.10, paste the show configuration output as needed and then perform the import with the previous used tools.

I recommend to test this process in a lab enviroment and verify that your export is working properly 🙂


1) Rollback preparation: Perform a backup, snapshot, and show configuration output of the current stand alone deployment and have the actual ISO

2) Download the export tools for Pre R80.10 from (Gaia Pre-R80.10 Migration tgz)

3) Unpack export tools on your current deployment and run the pre verifier tool, correct al errors, then perform the verifier again.

4) Perform export

5) Not mandatory but highly recommended: Create a lab with a standalone R80.10 and test import and if you are a maniac like me test the backup and snapshot of R77.30 from step 1.

6) Fresh install R80.10 in the 5400 gateway (Standalone)

7) Apply show configuration output as needed

😎 Unpack the same migration tools from step 2 into the new R80.10 gateway and perform import

9) Log in to SmartDashBoard and WebUI to check everything, install policy


1) Fresh install previous version

2) Apply snapshot from initial setup or perform initial setup and apply backup

Hope it helps,


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