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Spontaneous SGM reboots

Just wondering are there many out there that are experiencing random SGM reboots?

On our 41k platform it started after we expanded from single SGM blade to three. So now SGM1 seems to have nearly daily "fits". 

I've heard from a customer with multiple 61k chassis (and diamond support working on it for over a year) facing similar issues.

There are some hotfixes available but we are stuck and can't get them due to existing HFs

Anyone else out there? Might be able to find something in common

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Yes, one of my customers had spontaneous reboots and we got a fix, that worked. YMMV 🙂

Should be in R76SP.50 now and there is another for vsx fwk crashes. 

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Yeah - we've been talking to support and first they offered to port in the fix from SP50 to SP30 but at the end it truned out impossible due to other hotfixes we have.. might need to go with SP50 after all..


I have worked on 61k appliances R76SP50 with 10 blades and still got issues regarding spontaneous reboots during policy installations but after installing jumbo HF  take 20 and take 31 we haven observed such issues.

Points to note:

  • Avoid installing policies during peak hours
  • At a go do not push policies more then 3 times, allow a great time interval between policy push
  • Respect rulebase policy norms as recommended by checkpoint best practices
  • Disable dynamic NAT features if not used
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Thanks. Finally there is jumbo out for SP50 that covers all our hotfixes we had on SP30. So we're planning upgrades now. Note that ours is really tiny - just 41k with 3 SGMs haha