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Single site dual MHO-140 and 3 6700

Hi team,

I have a scenario where  I have 2 MHO140 and 3 6700s. I need to configure single site dual Orchs

Hence I have certain queries about the same. MHOs I have upgraded to R81.10 SP and 6700 with R81SP with latest HFA

  • The routes will be configured on MHO? [Default and Network routes]
  • Since I need to terminate fibre on two MHO, I need to configure Bond on MHO, right?
  • Both MHO should have management IP?
  • Since there are two MHO; which one I need access from mgmt IP to configure SGM?
  • Do I always need to connect to primary MHO and perform the administrative tasks, like adding routes, defining bonds, etc..


Blason R

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