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SNMP of Gateways in Maestro Setup

Hi everyone,


I have 3 Gateways 2 Maestro MHO setup working. I want to monitor my Gateway with SNMP.  As from outside this gateways are considered as one appliance I have added SNMP configuration on GAIA portal but now I dont think the metrics in monitoring is correct. As my internet port in switch shows ~60Mbps while checkpoint only internet interface shows 6Mbps. Is it possible that I am getting metrics only from one gateway but not whole cluster? If yes, please help to fix the issue.

Thanks in advance!!

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Have you been able to get an answer ?


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Have you got any solution to monitor the all gateways individually ?

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There are a few options here, but they will become easier in time (R82.x if I recall) .  For now, automated tools that dont allow you full control of what you query may have some difficulty in accessing all the OID offers.

Today, you need to query the device using a specific OID(s). Attached is an example using SNMPv3 that a colleague helped me with. Rename from .txt to .ps1 and it will offer you a powershell script.  You need to adjust the top section with your details (the section "WalkRequest").


In R82.x, we will see 2 improvements (planned). 

1 .You will be able to access the Security Group using SNMP v2 using the SMO IP address, but, each SGM will be contactable using a unique port offset from a base. For example A.B.C.D:2050 could be SGM 1, A.B.C.D: 2051 would be the second SGM.

2. The other method planned, is to use SNMP v3, and query each host (via the SMO) using a context field. Today, we use this with VSX to query a specific VS, but the plan is that you can do the same with the SGM.


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SNMP in Maestro is such a disappointment. The premier product line lacks basic system monitoring capabilities.

Like monitoring the power supply status and sensors on MHO175.

Also the MIB does not conform to the replies from the SNMP Agent, though Check Point and MIB files is a long and sordid history.

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I am dissapointed of Maestro snmp capabilities, too.
But I hope it can be solved with skyline.

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