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Maestro Masters Round Table - Selected Questions, Part 3

We continue answering your questions, collected before the Maestro Masters Round Table event. This is the third batch. Two previous parts can be found here and here.

Q: What is the maximum number of gateways that the largest model of the Maestro solution can support?

A: 52 Gateways per site (104 max in dual site environment), 8 security groups, and 28 SGMs maximum per security group.

Q: What are the top 10 commands you use for troubleshooting in Maestro environment?

A: Here they are:

  • asg monitor
  • asg diag verify
  • hcp
  • orch_info
  • asg_info
  • orch_stat
  • orch_stat –p
  • asg perf -v
  • g_fw ctl zdebug + drop
  • g_tcpdump

Q: How do I upgrade from R80.20SP to R81.10 without having downtime?

A: Until the version R81.10 we do not support zero downtime upgrade, however, it will be supported from R81.10 to the next versions., R81.20 and above.

Q: What is the best approach to load balance a single "heavy connection (10GB+) via all gateways?

A: This is not possible. However, such a connection can be accelerated on MHO level in R81.20, with the so-called Fast Forward feature.

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Ambassador Ambassador

g_tcpdump, not tcp_dump. 🙂 I also would like to add the following:

Commands starting with orch work in orchestrator only. orch_stat -a is the best as it will combine orch_stat and orch_stat -p showing all uplink and downlink interface + LLDP status.