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Maestro Masters Round Table - Selected Questions, Part 2

We continue answering your questions, collected before the Maestro Masters Round Table event. This is the second batch. The first part can be found here.

Q: When we upgrade our Maestro appliance environment, should we experience any connectivity loss? And what about installing Jumbo HFAs?

A: Maestro appliance (orchestrator) does not keep a connection table and does not manage a cluster behind it from the connections’ synchronization perspective. Zero downtime upgrade to the major version is not supported yet. We plan to support the Zero Downtime Upgrade scenario with the next release: R81.20. Minor upgrades (JHFs) should not cause connectivity issues during the upgrade, however, since it includes a reboot of cluster members and fail-over to others, it may cause some connections to fail in specific scenarios.

Q:  Is there a way to find the Orchestrator names/IP addresses from the security groups?

A: Orchestrators are discovered and accessible from any of the security groups’ members. You easily can access it using the internal CIN network, which is the backplane of the Maestro setup.

Q: If there is an outage, for example, caused by another admin changing a rout

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