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Maestro Masters Round Table - Selected Questions, Part 1

Before our Maestro Masters Round Table event, we have asked you to send us some questions in advance.

We will gradually post those questions and answers to them in this space. Here is the first batch.

Q: What would be the best way to size the Maestro environment?

A: It depends on metrics. Regarding Throughput and connection rate - the penalty is 1% of the total per each additional SGM in the security group. That means, if one SGM is 100%, 2x SGMs would be 200% -2%(200%)=196%

Q: How do I use tcpdump if traffic is being distributed between gateways?

A: In Maestro, we created global commands, such as g_tcpdump and g_fw commands. Using global commands, you can get a result from all SGMs simultaneously.

Q: Do you recommend taking Gaia snapshots of security groups as a best practice?

A: Definitely yes, and there is an option to run a snapshot command. You can also elect to take just a snapshot of a single appliance or to take snapshots of all members of the Security Group. You can use a snapshot from a single appliance of one to restore others.

Q: Is dynamic scaling supported?  If not, when will it be?

A: Auto-scaling will be supported for the next version,

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