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Maestro Hyperscale RAM CPU

my 2 gateways RAM and CPU full loading. can we use hyperscale for  decrease their RAM CPU loading ?

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Re: Maestro Hyperscale RAM CPU

Moving this to Scalable Platforms

I assume you're using some sort of Active/Active configuration.

First of all, it depends on what appliances you have if this is even an option. 

I believe Maestro requires 10GB (or higher) connectivity through a DAC, which definitely limits you to the 5600 and above.

That said, I have not seen anything official that says you can use the 5600/5800/5900 for Maestro, only the newer 6500/6800 and the 23000 series.

Second, it depends on the nature of the CPU/RAM loading.

If it is caused due to excessive sync, it will definitely help since you won't be incurring the sync overhead.

This also leads to better throughput.

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Re: Maestro Hyperscale RAM CPU

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Re: Maestro Hyperscale RAM CPU

Do you happen to run VSX and a lot of VSs and R80.20?
If so the problem is with R80.20 and will become worse when you add jumbo 87 on top.
Maestro will not help in this situation as all gateways will load all VSs to start with and the memory consumption per VS has increased.
Regards, Maarten
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