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Maestro Hyperscale RAM CPU

my 2 gateways RAM and CPU full loading. can we use hyperscale for  decrease their RAM CPU loading ?

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Re: Maestro Hyperscale RAM CPU

Moving this to Scalable Platforms

I assume you're using some sort of Active/Active configuration.

First of all, it depends on what appliances you have if this is even an option. 

I believe Maestro requires 10GB (or higher) connectivity through a DAC, which definitely limits you to the 5600 and above.

That said, I have not seen anything official that says you can use the 5600/5800/5900 for Maestro, only the newer 6500/6800 and the 23000 series.

Second, it depends on the nature of the CPU/RAM loading.

If it is caused due to excessive sync, it will definitely help since you won't be incurring the sync overhead.

This also leads to better throughput.

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