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Factory default SGM

Hi all,

An easy question where I did not find a solution for, but know it exists.

How do you factory reset a SGM? The goal is to erase the config, so you can start rebuilding the chassis from scratch.

For the SSM I know you have to run "system reload manufacturing-defaults", but what do you have to do for 1 or multiple SGM's, to reset them to factory default.

I don't want to reinstall the ISO from USB/CD/DVD.


Kind regards,


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Employee Alumnus
Employee Alumnus

You can do it either one of two ways:

1. Reboot the SGM and interrupt the boot when prompted, then select “Factory Defaults” from the boot menu.

2. On the gclish CLI, run set fcd revert VERSION – you can use tab completion to see the list of versions. Be aware that running this in glcish will revert ALL of the SGMs simultaneously. You can use set global-mode off in order to run the revert on the local SGM only.



Thank you very much for the quick reply! Smiley Happy


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