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Typical Check Point Maestro Project

Hi. Just decided to share our typical Maestro project. Here you can see the topology. I hope it will help someone to create their own project or just for better understanding how Maestro works.


L1 scheme:


L2 shceme:


L3 scheme:


If you have any question feel free to ask.

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Re: Typical Check Point Maestro Project

Hi Evgeniy, thank you for this valuable information.

You know how it would be a topology with two sites and a single MHO in each? and if the deployment with 3 MHO is supported? (2 in one site and just 1 in the other site)
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Re: Typical Check Point Maestro Project

Hi! Thanks for the feedback!
Unfortunately, I don't have the dual site topology. But I know for sure, that it should be symmetrical (1 and 1 or 2 and 2).

Re: Typical Check Point Maestro Project

Dual site with 3 MHO's is not supported at all. The dual site situation is setup with either 1 MHO on each site or 2 on each site. For the Dual site to work you need to duplicate the drawing and make sure all VLAN's are stretched over to the other location. On top of that you need to create portchannels/bonding groups for all ports used in the dual MHO setups, single site-dual MHO or dual site-dual MHO.
Regards, Maarten