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Find the log file size from gateway

Hi All

We have 3 gateways (Gaia R77.30) in 3 different sites  and Management server in other  site,  all 4 sites have a MPLS connectivity, all 3 gateways are sending logs to management server.

Is there any way to find how much logs are send from  Each gateway to management server?.

appreciate your help.

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Re: Find the log file size from gateway


Don't know about a way to find out from each gateway. You can run this command on your management server (R80.x) in expert mode to find log receive rate from each individual gateway at the moment:

cpstat mg -f log_server

If it's possible to stop two of the gateways from sending logs to managment and instead locally for a while. Then you can run this while you test for the remaining gateway How to calculate/count the total amount of FireWall Logs per second that arrive to Security Manageme...

After you have stopped two of the gateways from logging to management you could also have run the command fw logswitch to rotate the active log file and to see the size increase for the remaining gateway in fw.log.  

Hope you get a better solution. 


Re: Find the log file size from gateway

'cpstat mg -f log_server' should already show the results per gateway, no need to stop the other two gateways.