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Hello !

I'm try to connect to smart reporter, but i have error :

The connection has been refused due to one of following SmartCenter Server certificate problems:
1. The SmartCenter Server's clock is not setup properly.
2. The certificate's issue date is later than the date of the SmartCentre Server's clock.
3. The Gui Client's clock and the SmartCenter Server's clock are not synchronized.
4. The certificate has expired.
5. The certificate is invalid.

When i try to connect i'm use username auth (cpadmin), this error appers only when connect to Smart Reporter and only in version 77.30, on 77.20 smart reporter works. Other services work fine on 77.30. 

In smart view monitor - gateways - version of gateway 77.20 (and it has license on smart reporter) . And smart reporter work on version 77.20. How update version of gateway to 77.30 ?


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The SmartReporter license should be installed on the management, not the gateway. Or is this a self-managed gateway? Also, by what method did you upgrade?

Also keep in mind that SmartReporter does not exist in R80.x. If you don't have a license for SmartEvent, I recommend talking with your local Check Point reseller.
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