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routing behind cable modem

hi all,

im going crazy ... got quantum 3600, done updates to 80.40 via LTE modem (also DHCP but private range, not public /32 like on cable modem), done all what needs to be done apart from nat and fine policy ... went home, replaced my untangle with it and now im stuck ...

interface ETH1 gets public ip address, default route is set via eth1 ... 

set static-route default nexthop gateway logical eth1 on

bit of googling showed issues with kernel not accepting default routes by default so added this in:

set kernel-routes on

then i've disabled/enabled interface, rebooted 3600, rebooted cable modem ... 

nope ... can't ping from clish ... 


any ideas?


cheers, Tomi


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adding a static helps but IF cable modem renews its ip - i'll be offline ... 😞

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I will warn you that if you set the default route to an interface versus the next hop IP, you will very likely fill up the arp cache in the Gaia OS as every public IP will result in an entry in the arp cache.
I know this from personal experience.
An SMB appliance will probably be a better fit right behind a cable modem with a dynamic IP. 

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