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route base VPN configuration

Hi all,

           Recently, I have faced problem in configing route base VPN. Who can give me some detail config template used static route (number interface or unnember interface) about CP2CP routebase VPN, CP2Fortigate, CP2Palo alto, etc. 3party device? I found it's too litte samples in support center. I can not good understand at it. THX!

Best Regards!

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There is no "one size fits all" (or even most) VPN configuration, which is why there is not really a template for this. 

I refer you to Danny Jung‌'s answer to this post as a starting point: what information do we need from the remote site customer when creating site to site VPN? 

Based on completing the information in this chart, someone knowledgeable in the relevant platforms should be able to configure a VPN.

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