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ccp_analyzer - what is it!

"ccp_analyzer" is a tool to analyze ClusterXL CCP packets. It gives out a lot of CCP information from tcpdump in a readable form. It is used to debug CCP. More informations about CCP and ClusterXL debug can you found here How to troubleshoot failovers in ClusterXL or here How to troubleshoot failovers in ClusterXL - Advanced Guide.

Here is a CLI example:

# tcpdump -nepi <interface> -x port -s 0 8116 2>/dev/null | ccp_analyzer -g –c


If your tcpdump is aborted, a summary will be generated:

Here is an example of the output:


More interesting articles:

4 Replies

Does this also works with fw monitor?

Hi Jan,

no, fw monitor is not supported with ccp_analyzer.

Hi Jan,

The big question is!  Will CPPCAP be supported in the future?

More infos to CPPCAP here:

R80.x Performance Tuning and Debug Tips – TCPDUMP vs. CPPCAP 


Hello Hiko,

thanks for the answer.