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Why make it simple when you can make it complicated ?


So, a bit of a rant, i'm certainly not a checkpoint specialist, and from the look of it, i will never be, as i will drop this as soon as i can.

Why does checkpoint has to make everything extremely complicated ?

ex : syslog

Virtually any equipment : log onto it, go to syslog menu, input ip, save. Done : 2minutes.

Checkpoint : check documentation, need to install a plugin, check documentation, need to install the tool that will allow you to upload the plugin, wonder what ***** version you are running on and what kind of installation tools you can choose from (and so far i'm stuck there) : Not Done : 2 hours (posting rant not included)


Why does checkpoint has to make everything so pricey ?

ex : ldap connector

Virtually any equipment : free

Checkpoint : 5k€ per equipment ? seriously ? are you trying to ruin your customers ?

PreSales team : useless bunch of nice people, as they cannot give you any price information ? what's the point ?

So far, checkpoint has been nothing but a huge cost and time consuming machine, and i only got two of them, my useless isp pretty much forced us to buy this, citing "compatibilies and huge improvement in performances"

My prozac use has indeed improved hugely.

Have a very whatever day you can have.

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Syslog support has not historically been a strong point, but it is something we have been working to improve.
The definitive thread on this in currently supported versions (R77.30 and above):

Earlier product versions are no longer supported and have a specific patch you can apply.

Not sure what you mean my LDAP connector, can you explain what you're trying to do?
Perhaps you're talking about the legacy User Directory feature, which we no longer directly sell as it's bundled in current licenses.
Your existing appliances and licenses can be traded in for current ones.

As for pricing from the local office, as we sell 100% thru channel, the best you can get from the local Check Point office is list pricing.
The product catalog is available in User Center and contains list pricing on all products in US Dollars.
Pricing thru partners may vary.
You can locate a partner near you thru our Partner Locator:
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I already have a partner that required two months to get me a quote...


For the Ldap part, i'm trying to link my AD so that my users can logging into the vpn with their usual credentials, as long as i understand the process, and from the various tutorials i found, i need that licence. my licences has been bought a bit over a year ago. Regarding the bundling with the new licences, if i understood correctly, i can upgrade to R80.XX (From R77.30) with my current licences, would that bundle them automatically ?





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