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What's New in R81.20 TechTalk? Video, Slides, and Q&A

Slides and Q&A are below.


When will R81.20 be released?

Soon. It will be available via UserCenter.

What licensing is required for DNS Security and Zero Phishing?

DNS Security is included in the NGTP and NGTX license. Zero Phishing is included only in the NGTX license.

What license is required for IoT?

This is a separate offering that requires R81.20, pricing will be announced at GA. 

Does SmartConsole still exist in R81.20?

Yes. Eliminating SmartConsole is part of our longer-term roadmap.

Why the R81.X is not available for even brand new SMB firewalls such as 1500/1600 series?

R81.10.00 has been available since July 2022. Download from sk179004. R81.10.05 is currently in EA.

Is QUIC supported?

Not currently, but it is planned for a future release (not R81.20).

How does this work with traditional SEG solutions for customers that already have a SEG solution?

We can be an MX or a nexthop similar to a SEG (and pass traffic to an existing solution). Of course, if you’re using a cloud-based email provider, you probably want to use Harmony Email and Collaboration (a.k.a. Avanan) instead.

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