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What's New in R80.30 EA - 3.10 Kernel

What's New in R80.30 EA - 3.10 Kernel

  • Improved firewall resiliency.
  • Support for IPv6 (Resolving a R80.20 3.10 limitation).
  • Clustering and VSX capabilities:
    • Unicast support for Cluster Control Protocol eliminating the need for CCP using Broadcast or Multicast modes).
    • MAC magic configuration is no longer needed.
  • New kernel capabilities:
    • Upgraded Linux kernel
    • New partitioning system (gpt):
      • Supports more than 2TB physical/logical drives
    • Faster file system (xfs)
    • Supporting larger system storage (up to 48TB tested)
    • I/O related performance improvements
    • Multi-Queue:
      • Full Gaia Clish support for Multi-Queue commands
      • Automatic "on by default" configuration
    • SMB v2/3 mount support in Mobile Access blade
    • Added NFSv4 (client) support (NFS v4.2 is the default NFS version used)
    • Support of new system tools for debugging, monitoring and configuring the system:
      • iotop (provides I/O runtime stats)
      • lshw (provides detailed information about all HW)
      • lsusb (provides information about all devices connected to USB)
      • lsscsi (provides information about storage)
      • ps (new version, more counters)
      • psmisc (new version, more counters)
      • top (new version, more counters)
      • iostat (new version, more counters
    • New glibc: glibc-2.17-157
    • New ethtool: ethtool-4.8-7
    • New Bash: bash-4.2.46-29
    • lbzip2 support (free, multi-threaded compression utility)
    • xz support•rsync support

R80.30 EA - 3.10 kernel release supports only these open servers and 23900 appliance:

Release notes for this R80.30 - 3.10 kernel EA program are available here: readme

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Hi @HeikoAnkenbrand,

is ClusterXL CCP encryption also included?

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Nice, now are HP DL 360/380 G9 server supported!

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