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VSX Cluster IP address

Hi all,

I have 2 x SG5600's and have configured a VSX Cluster so I have the VSX Cluster IP address, the IP address of 5600 #1 and the IP address of 5600 #2. After bringing this up I tried to ping all 3 interfaces but could only ping one VSX member and the VSX Cluster IP itself. Upon checking the ARP cache the VSX Cluster IP shares the same MAC as one of the physical interfaces so I wouldn't be able to ping all 3. Is this the expected behaviour? 

I am also seeing the VSX Cluster object and Active FW as 'OK' in SmartConsole but the Standby firewall just has a grey line next to it - is this due to the issue above?


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Would you be able to post a screen shot of what you see in SmartConsole in regards to the status of the Gateways?

I tested pinging my VSX cluster and am able to ping the Cluster VIP and the DMI IP address of each individual Gateway. So, it could be related to what you are seeing with the grey line. 

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Yes, in might be expected depending on your default kernel parameters.


Look into sk26874

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