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UserCenter OpenSearch engines for browsers

Since over 9 years i have been using a homegrown OpenSearch PlugIn for my Firefox browser (IE and Chrome can use them also). The reason was that i wanted to switch to any SR# in no time by dragging or pasting the SR# into the search field an hitting enter. Same i did program for our internal ticket system. This was really very time saving, as from an email, i could quickly change to the support ticket in question.


So i was very unhappy as CP introduced beyond - other as before, every SR# now has three indexes,not one !  Ashley Black  made clear that it is the UID that points to the SR' website in this discussion BEYOND - Customer Success Hub.


I now have reworked my plugin, but had to use the Mycroft Project to be able to add it to my Firefox list of search engines. It works easy: You copy from the URL of the SR#  only the


paste into the search field, type enter, and...


OK, i see, it is not so handy as it had been, especially as you get the UID only from the UserCenter page of the SR#, but not e.g. from an email - but i can record it in my ticket system and use it from there...


As i was in scripting and testing already, i added one to the job and buildt a open search SK engine - to find e.g. sk25164, you copy 25164, paste into the search field, type enter, and...


As Dameon suggested, i did another search plugin for UC text searching and called it CPSeeker .


You can find the plugins here: MyCPopensearchplugins

Have fun !

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Small suggestion on the "Search SK" search plugin.

Use the following URL instead (at least in Google Chrome): 

This will allow a free-text search on SecureKnowledge rather than pull up only the specific SK number.

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That is also a good idea !  Added a third one...

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