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Upgrading from R77.30 to R80.30 - Tip

Hi All,


We know that a lot of members of this community are busy these days in upgrading to R80, as R77.30 is end of support.

We would like to share with you few insights that we’ve learnt on how to make this upgrade more successful.


We’ve conducted a survey about the upgrading process among organizations who upgraded to R80 releases.

From the results, it was clear that organizations who jumped to R80.30 showed higher satisfaction compare to organizations who upgrades to earlier R80 releases.

These results are not surprising, as RnD invested a lot in improving the upgrade process based on what we’ve learnt over time.


It is recommended  to R77.30 users to upgrade to R80.30 directly.

More details on R80.30 release in sk144293


To ensure successful upgrade, we suggest users to provide Check Point their database to be tested using our ‘Upgrade simulator’.

Using this simulator will reduce the risk that something will go wrong in the actual upgrade.


Users who are interested in providing their database to be simulated, are welcome to contact your Check Point Security Engineer via a partner or directly.


Thanks, Guy

Product management team

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Hi All

For more information on the upgrade simulation service please see sk110267