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Unable to login to smartconsole - Administrator was not found in fwm database

Hi Check Mates,

 Greetings. We're running on R80.10 and all of a sudden we're unable to login to Smart console using RADIUS credentials. Username is configured on smart console and it's validated against external RADIUS server.

 On debugging FWM process, we noticed that username wasn't found in fwm database though i'm using correct username and password. sk13740 suggesting for version 2.0 Radius server and we're already been running on 2.0 and no changes made recently.

FYI- the same RADIUS server is used for VPN authentication which is working fine. Could you please assist. 

 Log:  checkpoint administrator event guessing; Unauthorized entry

[FWM 4473 40367123]@MGT-SERVER[11 Jul 23:39:12] fwm_auth_client_machine_ip: accept client 10.X.X.X
[FWM 4473 40367123]@MGT-SERVER[11 Jul 23:39:12] Administrator srinivasan was not found in fwm database
[FWM 4473 40367123]@MGT-SERVER[11 Jul 23:39:12] ERROR: fwadb_fetch failed to fetch user srinivasan

[FWM 4473 40367123]@MGT-SERVER[11 Jul 23:39:12] au_realm_set_unique_user_id: Key: CN=srinivasan,OU=User,OU=users,O=Management
[FWM 4473 40367123]@MGT-SERVER[11 Jul 23:39:12] is_in_remote_auth_group: empty remote_auth_group



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Best to get the TAC involved so we can troubleshoot, particularly if this was working previously.
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I suspect connectivity issue between Radius server and SMS, but yes, if you are out of your depth, engage TAC

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Please reach out to India TAC Contact: 0008000507005 or use the live chat in case of urgency.
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